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  • How can I find the camera's local IP address?

    1. Use the Camera Live program to find the camera.
    2. Use the iOS or Android app and go to Advance Setting > About Device menu.

  • How can I restore the default password?

    If you forget the admin password to access the Settings page, you will need to press the RESET button to reset the camera back to defaults factory settings. Please note that after resetting, all the settings including the wireless setting will return to factory settings. You have to set it up again via network cable.
    For more information please refer to Appendix B: Resetting the Camera back to Factory Settings on the User Manual.

  • Why doesn’t the Wi-Fi connectivity work?

    1. Signal strength is weak. Relocate the camera nearer to your router or remove the obstacles between the two.
    2. Make sure your wireless network SSID and Encryption settings are identical to your networks.
    3. Check for any interference from other equipment.
    4. For more information please refer to Appendix F: Wireless Installation Considerations on the User Manual.

  • Why does the live video not appear on web browser?

    1. Check if your Internet Explorer browser settings allow you to download and install ActiveX controls.
    2. Check if your browser settings allow you to download and install Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
    3. Network traffic may prevent the viewing interface from appearing quickly. Wait for a while.

  • Why is the color of the picture strange?

    Please check the settings under the “Night Vision Setup” menu. The purple image you are seeing through the camera is infrared light that is present naturally in day-light or infrared light emitted by the infrared LEDs. These infrared light will make the image appear purplish and pink.
    All Phylink IP cameras that offer night vision capabilities have an removable infrared filter also known as IR - CUT filter. If you force the IR - CUT filter off from the Night Vision Setup menu at daytime, the camera can "see" the infrared light. So the camera will display a purple or pink image/image. This variation in color is quite normal and is not a defect of the camera.
    Similarly, if you force the Black and white mode off from the Night Vision Setup menu at night, the camera will display a purple or pink image/image.

  • The motion detection feature does not send e-mail alerts.

    1. Check if the e-mail alert feature is properly configured.
    2. The SMTP server that the IP camera uses to send the e-mail by may be filtering e-mail to prevent spam from being sent from your server. Try using a different SMTP server or contact your ISP to see if SMTP access is being blocked.
    3. Your Primary DNS IP Address may not be set.

  • The power LED is flashing green and the camera is inaccessible.

    A firmware upgrade has been interrupted or the firmware has been damaged. Please contact our technical support, we will guide you to recover the camera from the failed firmware update.

  • Motion Detection triggerred unexpectedly.

    Motion detection is based on changes in pixel in the image. This means that if there are sudden changes in the lighting, motion detection may be triggered mistakenly. Lower the sensitivity setting to avoid problems.

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