Key Features

H.264 Encode

The latest standard for video compression is the H.264 codec. This codec was developed to reduce demands for video storage and bandwidth. H.264 compression uses up to 50 percent less bandwidth than MPEG-4 to transmit images of the same quality. With substantially lower bit rates, H.264 also uses significantly less storage to store video compared to previous standards. In a nut shell, DVRs with H.264 allow you to transmit video at faster frame rates and increase your archive duration. As we all know, H.264 + AAC codec stream become golden combination of network video and audio stream. H.264 + AAC stream will be generally applicable to variety media player equipment and software in current and future. Three different types of video streams to give you more flexibility including MJPEG, MPEG4 and also bandwidth saving H.264. Use whichever works best for you in a given situation.

Peer to Pear

Unlike other cloud cameras which use a relay server method, P2P is designed to be simple, safe and efficient. With P2P technology , the camera can be linked to the internet without any complicated settings. The user just enters the UID/Password and the video can be displayed. It is a very simple and user friendly system. There is no need of IP address, domain names, DNS name or port number. Also you do not need to modify any network router settings (such as port mapping, fixed IP, dynamic DNS, virtual server). All you need is our camera's ID and password only.


802.11n capability is standard across all our models so you get the most far reaching wireless connection possible giving you more flexibility about where to situate your cameras for optimum protection of your property. Your router needs to have Wi-Fi N mode to take advantage of this. If your router doesn't have WiFi N don't worry as 802.11b & g are also supported by our cameras.

Night Vision

All our models built-in IR LED that gives you ability to view clearly even in the dark environments. Enhanced by automatic IR cut-filter operation, it provides sharp and clear picture quality, day or night. You literally won't be left in the dark as the IR LEDs will automatically turn on and off as needed to ensure you can always see what's going on whenever you login to view. What's more, unlike a lot of IP cameras with IR night vision all our cameras have built-in automatic IR cut filters - which ensure you get true colour daytime video without hazing or mismatched hues.

MicroSD Card DVR

Phylink camera built in a DVR software to record images and videos to its own Micro SD card (purchased separately) . The standalone MicroSD recording features requires no other equipment to be on or even present at the camera location, and requires no software purchase.
This package dose not included a Micro SD card. Adding a Micro SD card to your camera will allow you to record footage and motion alerts directly to the MicroSD card for future review. The recorded files may be reviewed remotely on your phone / computer when using Phylink App / software.


A flexible choice of viewing options from smartphones and tablets to computers, no matter where you are in the world. Our cameras give you full flexibility of how and where you use them. You can download the free app named PHYCAM from Google Play or App Store.

PHYCAM mobile app lets you view the live video communication from your Phylink Cube and Bullet cameras anywhere with your smartphone. PHYCAM is a free app designed specifically for Phylink wireless IP camera products.

Email Alerts

The Phylink Camera is able to send email notifications, alerts and snapshot to any dedicated email account. This will alert the user to any activity in real time, no matter where the recipient may be. Don't be left in the dark if something happens at home. You can set our cameras up so that they can email you the instant the motion sensor is triggered, including any number of snapshots so you'll be able to see there and then who (or what) has set off the sensor. Perfect especially if you have email on your smartphone.