Important notice
Get technical support

If you have purchased Phylink product, you are eligible for priority email based technical support. We are always glad to help, however we ask that you read the Quick Guide or User Manual first.
View also Technical Articles and Troubleshooting Guide matching your problems from the support section on our website. In most cases the problems you encounter can find the answers and the corresponding solutions. Any questions please send email to, we promise to our customers that we will deal with emails within 24 hours after receiving them.

Pre-sales questions

If you are going to place an order now or in the near future, our pre-sale consultation can help you. Send us an email to get answer. Or find answer from Pre-sales Questions section.
Our pre-sale consultation can help you to evaluate your specific condition. We can give you advice and guidance on product issue , technical specification or user scenarios.

Can I speak to someone?

We address most all support inquiries through email. One of our qualified technicians will help you as quickly as possible. Most issues can and are resolved by email and much quicker than by phone.
Telephone service cannot provide technical solutions in a timely manner. And email support can provide some pictures, video, text points and these cannot be provided in the communication of telephone.

If you have any questions regarding the installation and use of the camera, please write to us and we will be glad to assist you. To get the fastest answers to your questions, please try to Chat with us.

We can also contact online via Skype ID: PHYLINK or click Skype us on the Internet .

Get support via TeamViewer

To help you solve the problems better, we recommend you to use TeamViewer.
If you are totally stuck, we can help you solve the problem via a remote access. Please download the TeamViewer for Windows or Mac OS.

Run the TeamViewer and send your ID & Password to us.

Latest updates

Our website contains the latest user documents and software updates for Phylink products. Please visit Downloads section for more details. If there are important updates and bug fixes, we will post the notifications on News & Blogs section.