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  • When I plug my camera in for the first time, it asks for a password. What is the default password?

    The default username is “admin” and the default password is “admin”. Please change this password in order to avoid unauthorized access. When powering off the camera, you will not lose any settings or passwords, however, if you click resetting on the camera, you will need to reset the user name and password to default.

  • Does the camera remember its configuration when the power is off?

    Your camera will automatically restart after a power loss. When it does, the configuration will reload all of your customer settings.

  • Why is an Ethernet cable included with the camera?

    An Ethernet cable is included with your camera to connect it to your router for the initial setup. During the setup process you’re asked for your Wi­Fi password and once Wi­Fi setup is complete, you no longer need to use the Ethernet cable.
    You can use an Ethernet cable if you prefer, simply skip the Wi­Fi stage in the setup process.

  • What is the frequency setting and why should I set it to a different frequency?

    The frequency setting in the camera settings page is used to synchronize the camera with the flickering of lighting devices like fluorescent tubing or energy saving lamps. Selecting the incorrect frequency will not damage the camera, but you will see dark horizontal bands in the video.

  • How can I try and limit my camera's bandwidth usage on my network?

    To reduce bandwidth usage, log in to the camera's homepage, click “settings”, enter the user name “admin” and the password then click on “stream setup”. You are now in the stream setup page and you can reduce the “Bit rate” or “Image size” in order to conserve bandwidth usage. The bit rate refers to the image quality while the image size has 3 different resolution settings.

  • What will I need to record motion triggered events?

    The camera's motion sensor can be set to record to a microSD card (sold separately, supports cards up to 128GB) directly in the camera and you can even get it to send you clips and alerts directly via email or FTP, or record to your own computer if you want. So you have plenty of choice when it comes to recording options, no need to buy any additional hardware.

  • What is the secondary stream for?

    There are 3 video streams available. You can configure settings for the primary and an optional secondary and mobile video stream. Configuring a secondary stream is useful for providing a video stream that is at a lower resolution than the primary stream, to third-party devices or software. Some devices and software require lower resolution.