Why is my camera not recording?

There are a few reasons why your camera may not record:

  • The microSD card is not inserted in the cameara or the microSD card is not recognized by the camera.
    To learn about formatting and installation SD card, please refer to How to setup recording to MicroSD card .

  • When a NAS drive is used, the camera pushes the data onto the drive. The default target storage device is SD card by factory settings. You have to set it to NAS.

  • The camera's recording tasks are not enabled.
    Once the camera is powered on, it is ready to record and send alarm. But the camera will do nothing until you activate its recording and alarm tasks. You can set up the alarm recording through app quickly. Start the app, tap the arrow to the right of the camera then select the Edit symbol to enter the Edit Camera page.
    Go to Advanced Setting > Alarm Actions > Alarm Recording, then click on the switch icon to enable the Alarm Recording.

  • The motion detection window is not active.
    The Phylink cameras have four motion detection windows. The factory default setting for motion detection is a single motion detection window covering the entire visible area. For alarm recoding, you should enable at least one motion detection window.

  • The motion recording schedule is not active.
    Each recording and alarm task under the "Task Management" page can be set to be active or inactive according to the schedule you choose. Ensure the motion recording schedule is active for that time of the day. Also check the camera is set to the correct time zone.
  • The motion detection windows have not been placed in the right area or have not been made sensitive enough.
    To learn to how to adjust the motion windows please refer to Motion Detection Fine Tuning and Adjustment .

  • Your camera does not have sufficient bandwidth to upload video. Run a speed test at www.speedtest.net to ensure your camera has enough bandwidth to upload the snapshots or recorded video files.