My camera picture is low quality?

If you think your camera is not streaming in the high definition you would expect from it, there are a couple of checks that you can make to try and get it performing as expected.

Firstly, log into your account and go to the Camera Settings page. From there click on the Camera > Stream Setup menu and ensure that the Preset of Video Stream is set to ‘Perfect bandwidth’.

The app displaying low video resolution?

If you view the camera's stream video using app, the default resolution is 768x432. Considering the wireless bandwidth and cellphone performance, the iOS and Android does not use 1080p as the default resolution.
To get 1080p resolution stream on app, you need to turn the "HD view" on under the Advanced Setting > Video Quality menu.

If the image appears cloudy or out of focus, your camera may still have its protective plastic sticker attached to the front of the camera. Removing this will allow the camera to see clearly.

If the issue persists, then it might be worth running a speed test at to ascertain whether your camera has the bandwidth necessary to stream in high definition. Each HD camera will require an upload speed of 0.5 Mbps to process high quality footage. If the upload speed is less, it might be processing it at a lower quality in order to process it at all.