Using camera with Third-party Software

For PC and Mac users, we provide free Phylink Camera Live software. It's a free software which makes you find and view your camera from the Internet easily. It dose also provide the tools for camera setup.

To record to a computer, we recommend that you use these third party software which have more professional features for recording and alarm.

Phylink camera offer RTSP and HTTP streaming. This allows for integration with other third-party software, which use the camera stream in programs like Blue Iris, iSpy, Sighthound Video, Milestone XProtect Go and other leading software.

Also, all our cameras support ONVIF and we have test most popular third party ONVIF software, such as Milestone XProtectGo, Nuuo and AxxonNext.

For PCs in residential applications, BlueIris from works well for up to 16 cameras and is a great deal at just $59.95. Stepping up to business applications with multiple servers and hundreds of cameras at different locations, LuxRiot from is the professional’s choice. For Mac users we recommend the $30 EvoCam from