How to Change the login password on your camera?

The camera comes with a default login and password. Please setup the camera using those defaults. You can then login and change the admin login/password to something more secure once it has been installed. Changing the cameras default password is highly recommended to avoid unauthorized access to your camera.

There are two ways to change the password:
The first way is to log in to the camera via web browse and to Settings > Tools > User Management menu. Click the "Admin" from the User name filed to change the administration password.

The second way of changing your password is to use PHYCAM app on iOS or Android device.
To change the password of camera you should tap on the arrow on the right side of the camera.
And then select the Edit Camera icon to load the Edit Camera page.

Go to Change Password menu, you can change the password of camera there.
Click “Confirm” to save your new password.