Accessing the Camera using P2P method

Phylink provides flexible accessing methods for different users. The easier method is that use P2P option to access the camera. You can use P2P method to access all the Phylink cameras. When you access the camera using app on iOS or any Android device or Camera Live software on PC/Mac, there will establish a peer to peer connection automatically. P2P stands for "Peer to Peer". It is a technology that makes it simple to link the camera with the client software.

There is a UID (unique ID) assigned to each camera. When the smartphone app is opened, it pings the P2P server which in turn looks for the listed UIDs and where they are located. If the camera can be pinged, it shows as online, others are offline.

Through our P2P server, the camera can be accessed through the Internet without any complicated settings. You only need to type the UID/Password and the video can be displayed. No need to consider any complicated settings such as IP address, port forwarding and DDNS.
P2P connection dose not require that the camera get a public IP address and port . It use to UDP hole Punching technology to through the router directly.

P2P server helps devices to find the camera. After the connection built-up between device and camera , then device will directly talk to camera and get the camera's live video, no external server. Unlike other cloud cameras which use video forwarding mechanism, P2P camera is designed to be simple, safe and efficient. There is no any subscription. Without Cloud monitoring or computing, it can completely protect your privacy with encrypted video streaming.