Why is my camera showing offline?

If you’re seeing an ‘offline’ message in the app or Camera Live software, it means that your camera is not connected to our P2P servers. There are several reasons this may occur:

  • Your camera has only just been switched on.
  • The camera may be unable to connect to your local network.
  • Your Internet connection may be offline.
  • Your Internet speed may have been throttled.

Try the following steps to fix the connection issue
  • Ensure the camera is connected to your router with the Ethernet cable and powered on. For more details, please refer to Troubleshooting Hardware and Connection.
  • Ensure your camera’s power LED is green. If not, please refer to Understanding camera LEDs or contact us, our tech team will investigate the issue further.
  • If your camera has only just been switched on, it may still be trying to connect to our servers this may take up to five minutes.
  • Check your network is working – can other devices access the Internet? Is your internet speed or network being used for something else? Internet TV, torrents or other heavy usage may temporarily affect connectivity.
  • Try turning the camera off – remove the plug at the wall, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect – after 60 seconds or so, does the camera reconnect?
  • Try rebooting your router and camera - this can help restore your camera’s connection to our P2P servers.
  • Check that your camera is in range of your WiFi network – temporarily move it closer and see if this makes a difference.
  • Temporarily connect your camera by Ethernet, see whether the camera connects when using a network cable. If the camera is online again, you have to check your wireless settings. Please refer to How to Setup Wireless on PC and Mac and Wireless Troubleshooting Guide.

If after following these steps your camera still is showing offline, please contact us and our tech team will investigate the issue further.