Troubleshooting Hardware and Connection

Firstly, you need to connect the camera to your local network by connecting it to router using the Ethernet/network cable provided. Your Internet router should has a WAN port (Internet Port ) to connect an ADSL or fiber modem for the Internet access. The Internet access is used to access the camera remotely. We recommend you setup your camera close to your router before installing it at its final location.

Using the Ethernet/network cable, plug one end in to your router's LAN port (Ethernet port), and the other end in to the camera. Connect the power adaptor to the power port on the camera and the other end in to a power outlet, and switch on the power. Once connected and powered, the status indicator LED on camera should illuminate a constant green. To learn more details about camera connectting, please refer to Hardware Installation chapter on User Manual.

The below points need your special attention:

  • For initial setup, you need to connect the camera directly to your router with an Ethernet cable. The Phylink camera can work both in wired mode and wireless mode. After you have set up the wireless, you can unplug the Ethernet cable, then the camera will work through the wireless network with the router.
  • If you have several routers (some routers may be used as range extender ), you'd need to connect the camera to your main router. Your main router should have a WAN port (Internet Port ) and is connected with an ADSL or fiber modem for the Internet access. Also check if this router's Internet connection is available.
  • If you plan to use Wi-Fi connection, the Wi-Fi must be setup before the camera is disconnected with the Ethernet cable from router. Minimum signal strength of 3 bars is required for HD video transmission, please ensure the required signal strength is available at the point of installation, prior to installing the camera.

No power when use power supply

When you connect the power supply to the camera and to an electrical outlet, the status indicator LED on the camera should show a green light. If you do not see a green light, make sure if the cable from the camera is firmly connected to the camera's power port, and if the using electrical outlet works when something else is plugged into it. Also try another power supply.

No power when use PoE

  • Verify that the PoE switch is providing enough power.
  • Try a different cable or different port on PoE switch.
  • Check whether the camera powers up from a power supply, then connect to a non-PoE port.

No network

  • Verify that the network cable clicks when it is inserted into the network port on the camera (or cable), and also clicks when the other end of that cable is connected to your router.
  • Try a different cable and port on the router/switch.
  • Check the network port for physical damage.