Weatherproof Junction Box for Bullet HD Network Camera


If you mount the camera outdoors, connections of the camera cable will be exposed and vulnerable. Weatherproof Junction Box provide a neat and waterproof connections for outdoor camera. It make the camera cable waterproof. Before you mount the whole camera outdoors, please put the connections of power and network in the Weatherproof Junction Box.
This accessory only applies to Bullet HD outdoor network camera. Please don't use for other Phylink cameras.

When you put the power cord and network cable through a building's wall, you only need to drill a small hole on the wall to run the power adapter cable and network cable from the Weatherproof Junction Box to an indoor power outlet and network. A roughly 1/4 inch diameter hole will be required for either a network cable or the DC plug at the end of the power adapter cable to pass through.

IP66 - Standard

The rating achieved by the junction box is defined by numbers following 'IP'
First number defines 'Solid Particle Protecton'
Second number defines 'Liquid Ingression Protection'
IP66 means that the junction box is protected against dust completely and offers complete protection against strong water spray from any direction which shall have no harmful effects.